1. we juice
- 5 a day® brings you real earthly goodness in the form of a juicing or cleansing detox cure.
- 5 a day® provides you with a rich combination of natural fruits & vegetables in their raw state, personalized to your needs.
- 5 a day® is a pioneer in Lebanon, being the first to introduce the concept of juicing a rich variety of vegetables and to combine them with fruits
- our juice cure consists of freshly squeezed juices prepared entirely of only the best fruits & vegetables that mother nature has to offer.

2. you cleanse

- available cleansing packages from 3 to 7 days (you can consult your doctor for cures of more than 5 days)
- the 5 a day® cleansing detox is an urban cure for people on the go.
- This cleanse drains your whole internal system of impurities and supplies it directly with vitamins, minerals, fibers, enzymes and other nutrients
- Only raw food kissed & sweetened by mother nature will do
- No transformed or cooked foods
Impurities or toxic elements like alcohol are not allowed:
Alcohol, Caffeine from coffee or other beverages, Tobacco, Cooked food, Canned food, Fat, Processed Sugars, Stress and Pollution.
- You get a highly personalized & tailor-made program that comes with full support by your 5 a day® juice expert who acts as your encouraging personal trainer
- This same juice expert hand-delivers your 5 a day® juices fresh to your door daily, starting each of your challenging cleanse days right by your side!
- Your personal juice expert is reachable anytime should you have any questions/concerns

3. we all smile
- A thorough cleansing detox of your whole system from all toxic elements
- A better loss of that annoying extra weight

- A major intake of vitamins, minerals, fibers, enzymes and other nutrients
- Better sleep
- Better rejuvenated skin
- Brighter radiating eyes
- Lighter overall feeling
- Cleaner feeling inside out
- Possible better sex drive
- Longer hair & nails!
- And most importantly, you gain a better consciousness on the transformative power of nature

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