How it all started :
The story of 5 a day® started back when I was drinking fruit cocktails as a kid.
Fresh juices always managed to make me smile... and even as a kid, I knew nothing was healthier than a smile.

What started out as a love for sweet and natural tastes quickly grew into a necessity. I began to understand why my mom (thank you Nadia!) used to encourage us to eat fruits & vegetables every day.
That’s when I turned to the transformative powers of juicing, adding the healing virtue of vegetables to my fruit juices and totally understanding the power of the statement : “have at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day”. This was the perfect way to make it through the day. Through juicing, I could make the best out of what nature had to offer and as a result, the best of what I had to offer.

Discovering how good something is can only be good if you share it.
I felt fulfilled with what juicing had brought me, but my life could not be complete until I invited people (including Edwin and Emma, my 2 children!) to share in this new healthy lifestyle of mine.

This brings me to 2011, where I left the corporate world (with the support of my wife and life partner Eliane) and dived fully into this healthy positive obsession.
After diving, the next step was to fly to the U.K. for an intensively juicy training.
I had a revolutionary evolution : from businessman to a modern new type of milkman, waking up early every morning (Sundays included) to proudly deliver my healthy juices... and always, with a smile.

  And that is how I started my 5 a day® juicing company.
 Nassib Haddad
 Juice Lover

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