Guidelines & important info
- Toxins are harmful substances that accumulate in the organs and tissues (especially the liver, kidney and lungs)
- Detox is the process of draining out the body of toxins
- You should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. During the cure you should even drink more...
- All our drinks are either juiced the very eve of your cleansing detox day or that same morning
- All our drinks are delivered : mornings for Greater Beirut or late evenings for Metn & Kesrouan.
- Juices are not pasteurized or flash pasteurized
- Do not force yourself to drink the whole bottle, this is meant to be a stress-free program after all... It is not a medicine; it is only good healthy food that replaces your meal during the cure. So have as much as you can but follow the order proposed (hours are suggestive) and try to have at least a little of each
- We are Juice lovers and Juice experts who work closely and collaborate with nutritionists and dieticians. We do encourage you to consult your health specialist anytime before or during your cure, especially for the longer cures
- During cleansing detox, it is normal to feel or experience:

    - headache, it will vanish within 36 hours maximum
    - a bit of fatigue especially the first 2 days of the cure
    Try to exercise during the cure, it will help a lot but do not overdo it. Always listen to your body

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